Course Care

Commonwealth prides itself on being the golfers’ club, where the on course experience is paramount.

The following guidelines will ensure you and your fellow players have an enjoyable round and a memorable Commonwealth experience.

Speed Of Play – Ready Golf

  • Your round at Commonwealth should take no more than 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete
  • Be aware of your group’s speed of play and your position relative to the group in front
  • Minimise your time on the tee. Tee off when ready rather than in order of honour
  • Hit when ready and safe to do so – whether it is your turn or not
  • Assist others in the group with tending flags, raking bunkers, looking for balls etc
  • Leave the putting green promptly and wait until the next tee to record your score

Course Care

  • Course care is the responsibility of all players
  • Sand buckets must be carried at all times and all divots repaired carefully, including those in the rough
  • Before leaving a bunker, repair the sand with the rake provided, smoothing over the area of shot and footprints
  • Bunker rakes should be placed in the middle of the bunker with the handle pointing towards the tee
  • Enter and exit a bunker via its lowest point
  • Keep buggies away from putting surfaces
  • Repair all pitch marks with a repair tool, ensuring the putting surface is smooth for the next group
  • Do not retrieve balls from the hole with your putter and replace the flagstick carefully
  • Be respectful to fellow golfers at all times

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones should be left on silent and calls should not be made or taken during a round
  • You may check your phone for texting and email purposes during a round but do not delay play or inconvenience others
  • Phones can be used to make or take calls in the locker rooms or car park, but not in other areas of the clubhouse