Membership Information

Centenary Membership Opportunity

Our Centenary Membership Opportunity must close on 31 October 2019 – this is a great opportunity to introduce friends and colleagues to the Club.

As part of our exciting Centenary program, we are offering a very limited number of special membership packages to encourage new members to join the Club in time for our Centenary celebrations.

New Members will receive 20% discount off the full Ordinary Entrance Fee, in recognition of the Club’s Centenary milestone in 2020, and a Centenary branded polo shirt as a welcome gift.

Proposers will receive three golf Guest Fee vouchers and an ‘Exclusive to Proposer’ Centenary branded item.

This very special opportunity is only available for the first 50 applications received and will strictly close on 31 October 2019. This offer is not available to Junior, Under 40 years, Family or House membership.

Please contact Natasha or Joan on 9575 0444 if you have any queries or would like an application pack.

Commonwealth prides itself on its reputation as the Golfer’s Club.

The quality of the golf course and the clubhouse are first rate, however what makes Commonwealth so special is the culture and atmosphere of the club where playing golf and competition is celebrated. The inclusiveness and comraderie of our Members makes for a friendly environment for guests, visitors and new members alike.


We also value the importance of making sure that the field sizes are always very comfortable for members and their guests as the ease of getting a game is central to the membership experience.

Membership at Commonwealth is quite exclusive, however the process of joining is not overly onerous.

New Member intakes are approximately quarterly. These intakes will be subject to field sizes and player comfort, aspects that the Committee monitor very closely.

In addition, all new members commence in the 6 Day category (excludes Saturday), and upgrading to 7 Day playing rights is subject to player comfort which is reviewed regularly.

An entrance fee and annual subscription fee is payable. Please contact the Club for the latest Membership Schedule of Fees.

Special entrance fees are applicable for eligible candidates under the age of 40 or for those that are family related to a member of Commonwealth (spouse, partner, brother, sister, mother, father, daughter, son, grandparents, grandchildren and in-laws).

Members have the opportunity to introduce visitors for play on the course, and may introduce up to three visitors at any time, other than Wednesdays prior to 1pm, Saturdays and Sunday mornings. One guest per member is permitted on Sunday mornings, with three guests permissible in the PM.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the spectacular 18 hole Championship golf course
  • Competition golf
  • Course swap opportunities with other Sandbelt clubs
  • Reciprocal rights with International and Interstate clubs
  • Practice facilities including grass tee driving range
  • Ability to introduce guests / visitors
  • Automated scoring and handicapping system
  • Discount on non-golf events

Competition & Days of Play

  • Mondays – All ordinary, temporary, junior & life members (subject to corporate golf)
  • Tuesdays – All ordinary, temporary, junior & life members
  • Wednesdays – Women with 6 or 7 day playing rights
  • Thursdays – Men with 6 or 7 day playing rights
  • Fridays – All ordinary, temporary, junior & life members with 6 or 7 day playing rights
  • Saturdays – All ordinary, temporary, junior & life members with 7 day playing rights
  • Sundays – All ordinary, temporary, junior & life members with 6 or 7 day playing rights


  • Access to PGA qualified teaching professionals – John Wade & Sandy Jamieson
  • Fully stocked golf shop
  • Locker room storage
  • Motorised Golf Vehicle storage

Membership Brochure

Membership Application Form

For more information, contact our Membership Coordinator Joan Modica on (03) 9575 0444 or