Dress Code

Members and visitors are required to conform to a standard of dress both on the course and in the clubhouse, to maintain the club’s high standards.

On the Course

All Players are expected to dress in a tidy manner.

For gentlemen, shirts must be tucked in and have a collar. Tailored shorts may be worn. Socks may be of any length and must be all white. Cargo style shorts and pants are not acceptable attire. No form of denim clothing is permitted. Golfing shoes must be worn. Soft spikes are mandatory.

Current Dress Code

Bar, Verandah & Dining Room

Smart and neat golfing attire is acceptable in these areas at all times.


It is permissible for children of 15 years of age or younger accompanying members in the Clubhouse or on the course to be dressed in a manner which does not fully conform with the dress requirements detailed in this section, providing the children are wearing clothing and footwear which is neat, clean and tidy and will not cause offence to other members.

The following clothing items are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the course at any time:

  • Any form of denim clothing
  • For men, shirts worn outside of trousers/shorts
  • Clothing with bold logos or obvious advertising motifs on the chest or back
  • Sport, athletic or bicycle shorts, or below knee length shorts
  • Tracksuits, leisure suits, leggings or cargo pants
  • Short coloured socks (for men) or basketball socks with shorts
  • Trousers tucked into socks
  • Shorts or trousers with waist draw strings
  • Caps with bold, non golfing logos