Dress Code

Members and visitors are required to conform to a standard of dress both on the course and in the clubhouse, to maintain the club’s high standards.

Acceptable Dress

  • Smart casual golf attire in all areas of the course and Clubhouse.
  • Collared Shirts
  • Men’s shirts are to be tucked in.
  • Tailored skirts, shorts, and pants.
  • Socks must always be worn with golf shoes. Short socks that are either predominantly white or compliment the colour of the other clothing are permitted. Long socks must always be pulled up.
  • Loafers may be worn without socks in the Clubhouse.
  • Metal spikes are prohibited on the course and in the Clubhouse. Dimpled, rippled and flat rubber golf shoes are encouraged, whilst soft spikes are also acceptable and can be worn in the Clubhouse.

Exception to acceptable dress: Special events that may enable different attire.

Unacceptable Dress

The following attire may not be worn on the course or in the Clubhouse:

  • Any form or colour of denim clothing or moleskins
  • Clothing with bold logos or obvious advertising motifs
  • Tight or revealing clothing
  • Cargo, tracksuit pants, leisure suits or leggings
  • Shorts or trousers with draw string waists
  • Sport, athletic or bicycle shorts
  • Trousers tucked into socks
  • Sandals and open footwear for men
  • Golf caps with the peak not facing forward
  • Caps with bold, non-golfing logos

Bar, Veranda and Dining Room

Smart and neat golfing attire is acceptable in these areas.

Smart casual is acceptable for most occasions. A jacket and tie must be worn by men when this dress requirement is stipulated on the invitation. Women should wear smart casual, unless otherwise stipulated on the invitation.

Where an invitation stipulates a dress code, it must be observed by attendees.


Children of 15 years or younger accompanying members in the Clubhouse or on the course are required to wear clothing and footwear which is neat, clean and tidy.